End-of Arm-Tooling for Grinding and Polishing

Would you like to increase the efficiency and productivity of your production? Do you have a high waste rate in your production? Are you thinking about installing a robot to your production in order to lower your costs?

Catalogue: MA 070-153V/S1

DEPRAG CZ a.s. offers:

  • independent consultation in your facilities and evaluation of the possibility to use an industrial robot for grinding and polishing applications
  • price quotation including a 3-D model
  • selection and testing of all components for optimum grinding or polishing results
  • complete engineering services incl. design, production, assembly and integration to your production process

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  • efficiency
  • flexibility
  • precision
  • highly durable



  • grinding and polishing of flat or curved surfaces in the automotive industry
  • treatment of forms, dies and punches
  • finishing of different types of cast iron parts, welding seams, deburring of edges or any other surface work in various industries and hard-to-access areas

Our air stationary grinder is designed as a customised customer solution to be used in a connection with an industrial robot, especially in mass productions.
The special grinding head is designed to hold a DEPRAG INDUSTRIAL grinding spindle and is equipped with a flange for subsequent connection to the selected industrial robot. In order to reach optimal grinding characteristics, the downforce of the spindle holding the grinding insert is regulated by air.


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