Our air-file FS911-370BU is best-suited for the removal of sharp metal edges, the filing of cast iron and other filing applications. Even filing in open cavities of different materials is simple and easy. The increased mass of the file itself, allows for a better absorption of the filing-vibrations and increases the file’s access.

Part Number
Stroke speed (no load) 3700 min-1
Stroke length 9 mm / .35 in
File shank size 6,5 mm / .25 in
Air consumption (no load) 0,24 m3/min / 8.47 cfm
Weight 1,1 kg / 2.43 lbs
I.D. of air inlet hose/connection thread 6 / Rc 1/4'' mm
Operating pressure 6,3 bar / 90 psi
Sound pressure power LwA according ČSN EN ISO 15744 87 dB(A)
Sound pressure level Lpa according ČSN EN ISO 15744 76 dB(A)
Vibration according ČSN EN ISO 15744: 6,8
Standard Equipment
Allen key 3 mm 800446
Threaded Adapter R1/4"xNPT1/4" 6078553
Rat Tail File SF-10 (1pc)
Triangular Taper File SF-11 (1pc)
Half Round File SF-12 (1pc)
Flat Leaf File SF-13 (1pc)
Optional Accessories
Rat Tail File SF-10 (5 pcs.) 6078556
Triangular Taper File SF-11 (5 pcs.) 6078557
Half Round File SF-12 (5 pcs.) 6078558
Flat Leaf File SF-13 (5 pcs.) 6078559
Diamond File SDF-10 (round) 6080350
Diamond File SDF-11 (triangular) 6080351
Diamond File SDF-12 (flat) 6080352
Diamond File SDF-13 (half-round) 6080353
Set for Grinding Paper 6080354
Adapter (for mounting kit 6080354) 6080355