The developments Smart Factory - Industry 4.0, now also applies to some of the DEPRAG INDUSTRIAL air-grinders. Those grinders are equipped with the revolutionary DIQ-technology that allows to continuously evaluate the current operating conditions of the tool!


Technical support:

The grinder for Grinding/Cutting discs with diameter of 230 mm (9") is designed for heavy duty, industrial applications – even when used in 24/7 operations.

Our grinders of type GA...-190BX are equipped with new bevel gears for higher lifespan and extended service-interval. The valve-housing contains a filter with higher filtration-capability, which prevents the penetration of dust particles larger than 63 µm. Integrated balancing unit reduces vibrations. The safety guard is adjusted just by a small lever (no special tool needed). This makes the new grinders very flexible, especially when working on large cast-iron parts or welding seams, where a frequent adjustment of the safety guard is needed. The grinding wheel is easily replaced thanks to the spindle-lock mechanism.

Advantages: High power, ergonomic, efficient, grinding in hard-to-reach areas (because of the reduced head height, it is possible to use these grinders in hard-to-reach areas)


  • Deburring of welding seams (ship building)
  • Cutting of gate sections (cast-iron engine blocks)
  • Cutting of thick-walled profiles (steel construction) etc.
Part Number
Design With safety flange, for flex-type grinding disks
Speed (no load) 6640 min-1
Max. power output 2500 W / 3.35 hp
Air consumption (loaded) 2,6 m3/min / 91.81 cfm
Air consumption (no load) 1,3 m3/min / 45.90 cfm
I.D. of air inlet hose 16 mm / .63 in
O.D. of grinding wheel 180 mm / 7.09 in
I.D. of grinding wheel 22,23 mm / .87 in
Max. radial speed 80 m/s / 262.5 ft/s
Max. thickness of grinding wheel 8 mm / .31 in
Max. thickness of cutting-off wheel 3,2 mm
Max. cutting depth 54 mm / 2.13 in
Weight 4,4 kg / 9.70 lbs
Air connection thread 1/2" female
Operating pressure 6,3 bar / 90 psi
Sound pressure level LpA according ČSN EN ISO 15744 91,5 dB(A)
Sound pressure power LwA according ČSN EN ISO 15744 102,5 dB(A)
Vibration according ČSN EN ISO 15744: 1,6
Standard Equipment
Pin wrench 828832
Hose nozzle G1/2"/LW 16 6013767
Optional Accessories
Nozzle, G1/2", turnable (around the axis) 6021377
Suction (Abrasive Disks Type 27, 41/42) 6022710A
Device GW-ETH-02A (72D) 6080094
Device GW-ETH-02A (72D) incl. protective cover IP54 6022835A
Device GW-WIFI-01 (72D) 6080306
Device GW-WIFI-01 (72D) incl. protective cover IP54 6023053A
Device GAW-GSM-02A (72D) 6080379
Device GW-GSM-02A (72D) incl. protective cover IP54 6023082A
Device GW-ETH-02A (72D) IP54 (without GW) 6022802
Software BASIC (monthly license) 6078981
Software BASIC (annual license) 6078983
Software MASTER (monthly license) 6078982
Software MASTER (annual license) 6078984