In accordance with tradition we have a highly developed
range of in-house production.

Only the most modern machines and technologies allow the efficient
production of today's needed precision parts. We can offer you:



  • Lathe-machining processing


  • Programming: CNC-machining centres and milling machines

  • Laser marking

  • Cutting -  wire cut machine

  •  3D-measurement

  • Measurements: Speed, power output, torque moment


  • Length-measurement

  • Hardening (ELTERMA-oven), inserting, tempering, burnishing




Please do not hesitate to contact our consultants
- we can offer a solution for your  requirement!

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Ing. Libor Mušák - Production Manager, Tel.: +420 493 771 516, E-mail:
Ing. Tomáš Jirásko - Quality Manager, Tel.: +420 493 771 535, E-mail:





  • torque adjustment on screwdrivers
  • screw joint analysis
  • Cmk-machine capability study
  • calibration
  • power curve analysis
  • training
  • maintenance and unkeep