Our air angle grinder wit angle gear is designed for the scrubbing and leveling of cast-iron parts, steel parts, welding seams, non-ferrous metals of all types and rock, as well as for any other fabrication areas, such as the steel- and container construction, for machine building, in foundries and concrete  construction.

  • For grinding or when used with cut-off wheels of type 27, 41/42, for the best-possible grinding results even on hard-to-reach areas
  • Oilfree and maintenance-free operation, turbine motor does not require airline lubrication
  • Optimal power to weight ratio, low air consumption, high material removal
  • Perfect handling due to the vibration-dampening grip and the ergonomic form
  • High operating-safety
  • Safety guard adjustment is possible without the need of a tool
  • The integrated speed regulator holds the speed of the tool constant, even when tool is operated at full load.
Part Number
Max. power output 2200 W / 2.95 hp
Speed (no load) 12000 min-1
Weight 2,3 kg / 5.07 lbs
Drive turbine drive
Assortment Standard assortment
Start safety lever
Design Basic Design
Rotation right
Air consumption (no load) 0,56 m3/min / 17.66 cfm
Air consumption (loaded) 2 m3/min / 70.62 cfm
Max. radial speed 80 m/s / 262.5 ft/s
I.D. of air inlet hose 13 mm / .51 in
I.D. of grinding wheel 22,23 mm / .87 in
O.D. of grinding wheel 125 mm / 4.92 in
Max. thickness of grinding wheel 8 mm / .31 in
Max. thickness of cutting-off wheel 3,2 mm / .13 in
Max. cutting depth 38,5 mm / 1.52 in
Air connection thread 1/2" female
Spindle thread M14
Operating pressure 6,3 bar / 90 psi
Standard Equipment
Allen key 4 mm 800447
Allen key 5 mm 800448
Pin wrench 828832
Plug 27SF AK21SXN 6072227
Optional Accessories
Oil set for oil change in head 790083A
Hose set (LW 13 mm, 4-meter hose) 315130A
Filter LW12, porosity of 20 μm 6021281A
Swivel connector, G1/2"-12 mm, turnable 6078628
Nozzle, G3/8", turnable (around the axis) 6022433A
Chucking flange (instead of the autobalancer) 310802
Autobalancer dismantling device 6095043
Rubber backing pad D125x22,2/M14, incl. nut 805174
O ring 18x2 mm 802517
Safety Guard – Suction Kit (Abrasive Disks Type 27, 41/42) 6022661A
Safety Guard – Suction Kit (Support Disk) 6022666A
Additional handle 6022890A