Our products


  Screwdriving Technology

We provide superior technology in all product areas. Our screwdriving technology solutions benefit from the extreme torque accuracy of our shut-off clutch and the renowned robust and reliable design of all our screwdrivers. Screwdriving perfection is our guiding principle and we command undisputed market leadership in many applications.





Our experience in assembly technology has enabled us to develop first-class solutions. Countless DEPRAG products, such as measuring instruments, controllers and in particular the successful feeding technology, are utilised in our customers' applications. In conjunction with the long-standing experience of our project engineers, we produce assembly machines for a wide variety of client requirements.


   Air motors

Today as ever, air motors are of utmost importance as a drive element for machines and equipment. As market leader in this field we provide an extremely versatile programme for the most varied of applications from the food industry to medical technology.




   Air Tools

Classic industrial air tools such as grinding machines, polishers, tappers, impact tools, hammers, needle scalers, pliers, metal shears, nibblers, ATEX-compliant air tools for use in potentially explosive environments are the roots of our company. Our tools are known for their high quality, ergonomic design, simple and safe operation, easy maintenance and outstanding power-to-weight ratio.


Clamping Tools

The product line offered by DEPRAG CZ a.s. includes production and distribution of a large assortment of collets, chuching jaws and clamping tools.




Green Energy

The GET green energy turbine can recover an even small residual energy from 1 to 120 kW and turns the recovered energy into income!