1200W (1.61HP)

Our air die-grinder model GDS 120-120 BX is designed to fulfill the highest requirements for any industrial application. The grinder is preferably used with grinding tips or carbide cutters for the treatment of plastics and metals in foundries, in the mold-making- and fixture-building industries and wherever precision fabrication is needed for de-burring, for the polishing of welding seems and for the processing of casted parts.

The robust construction of the grinder assures a high lifespan even when used in a 24/7 operation. An operator is able to work fatigue-free with this powerful air tool. The grinder incorporates a fast-response speed regulator, which keeps the tools speed constant even when operated at full load. The speed-regulator allows the adjustment of the peripheral speed; this allows the maximum speed potential to be used for any given application. This grinder operates at an extreme low noise level and keeps its operating vibration to a minimum.

The previous, overhauled model no. PBK 75X was renamed the GDS 120 and is one of the best-selling DEPRAG INDUSTRIAL grinders.


  • Higher Power Output
  • Lower Weight
  • Lower Air Consumption
  • Fast-response speed regulator, that keeps the speed of the tool constant, even if tool is operated at maximum load
  • The lever was reinforced and has an improved ergonomic form
  • The exhaust ring is adjustable by 360°
  • Max. power output 1200 W / 1.61 hp
  • Speed (no load) 12000 min-1
  • Weight 2,25 kg / 4.96 lbs
  • Drive vane motor