Rock drills - for manual drilling equipped with a drill bit (not supplied with the tool), for soft- and semi-solid soil, slate, clay, or other soft rocks located in explosive hazardous environments (ATEX-compliant).

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The Use of the DEPRAG INDUSTRIAL Tools

The robust air rock drills are well-suited for the manual drillings in accordance with the guidelines (Czech technical governmental standard) SN 22 1930, SN 22 1931 and SN 22 1960, when equipped with core drill-inserts (optional equipment). The drills can be used for drillings into soft- and semi-solid coal, shale or other soft rocks. The maximum drill-insert diameter is 42 mm (we recommend drill bits measuring between 38 mm to 42 mm). To reduce the formation of dust during fabrication, the drill of type DP 220-011BXOEX is equipped with an integrated central water-cooling feature.

Advantages of our Drills

  • ATEX-compliant

Our ATEX-compliant air drill conforms to the highest requirements for tools used in potentially explosion hazardous environments in accordance with norm IM2cXII2GDcIICT6(80°C)X/IM2c II2GcIIBT5(100°C)X.

  • Enhanced safety features

Our air rock drill under the brand name DEPRAG INDUSTRIAL is designed for the use in potentially explosive environments and for industrial applications with the highest safety requirements.

  • Highly durable

Our rock drills guarantee a reliable operation in industrial areas with 24/7 operations. To increase the lifespan of the drill, we recommend equipping the drill with an external filter.

  • Central water-flush features

Our drill - Model DP 220-011BXOEX incorporates a central water-flush features that reduces the dust generation caused by drilling.

  • Model DPT 450-011BXOEX with a turbine drive

This is a worldwide innovation where the first of our drills is equipped with a turbine drive. The drill does not require airline lubrication (oilfree!).

  • Max. power output 2200 W / 2.95 hp
  • Speed (no load) 1100 min-1
  • Weight 7,6 kg / 16.75 lbs
  • Drive vane motor
  • Max. power output 4500 W / 6.00 hp
  • Speed (no load) 1100 min-1
  • Weight 8,7 kg / 19.17 lbs
  • Drive turbine drive
  • Max. drill-Ø into steel 16 mm / .63 in
  • Max. power output 500 W / .67 hp
  • Speed (no load) 650 min-1
  • Weight 4,2 kg / 9,26 lbs