Straight / Jig Saws

Our robust air straight saws is best suited for hand-guided cutting of different materials, expecially metals and plastics for almost any application case, some of the applications can be found for example in the machine building, stell industry or in the wood-fabricating industry.

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The Use of the DEPRAG INDUSTRIAL Tools

Our pneumatic straight saws are suited for manual sawing of metal components or plastic components. Ideal tools for the cutting of supports, pipes, cables in the machine building, in the wood-fabricationg etc.

DEPRAG CZ a.s. offers a straight saw of type SS 150-280BX, which conforms to the highest requirements for tools used in explosion hazardous environments.

Advantages of our Straight / Jig Saws

  • High separating power

The flexible construction and the high cutting power or our air saws, the use of different materials and their application, assures an efficient cutting capability in the machine buildung or in the wood-fabricating industry.

  • The speed regulator assures perfect and constant cutting conditions
Our straight saws are equipped with an integrated speed regulator, that assures perfect and constant cutting conditions.
  • Highly durable

Our air jig saws are highly reliable, the saws can be used for the cutting of different materials for varying applications in heavy-duty 24/7 industrial operations (our all-metal saw of type SS 150-280BX can also be used in potentially explosion hazardous environements - mining).

  • Simple operation

The saws can be equipped with an integrated clamping device which allows deeper cutting - up to 300 mm (11.81 in).

  • Max. power output 1500 W / 2.01 hp
  • Max. length of saw blade 350 mm / 13.78 in
  • Weight 9 kg / 19.84 lbs
  • Stroke speed (no load) 380 min-1
  • Recommended number of cycles for cutting of steel of class 11 with cutting speed 27 m.min-1 200 min-1
  • Max. power output 1500 W / 2.01 hp
  • Max. length of saw blade 400 mm / 15.75 in
  • Weight 10,8 kg / 23.81 lbs