Chain Saws

Our all-metal air chain saws are ideal tools for the cutting of different materials for varying applications in heavy-duty 24/7 industrial operations, such as the machine building- or in the wood-fabricating industry. The air saws can also be used in explosions hazardous environments.

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The Use of the DEPRAG INDUSTRIAL Tools

Our robust chain saws are well suited for a 24/7 operation in both industrial- and manual operations, such as machine building, the wood-fabricating industry and even for the use in potentially explosive environments (mining). A high cutting of different materials, expecially metals and plastics.

Advantages of our Chain Saws

  • High cutting power

High power output + high cutting speed = short working time. High cutting power also in pits at a lower air-pressure 0,4 MPa / 58 psi.

  • All-metal design

All-metal chain saw primarily for use in potentially explosion hazardous environments (mining). The machine construction is fully made from metal. There is no ignition danger through contact of the light-metal with corrosive steel surfaces.

  • With integrated safety chain brake

We gave special attention to the operational safety of those air-tools. The saws have an integrated chain-brake, that avoids injury to the operator when the saw stalls.. This brake stops the chain within 0.2 seconds.

  • Automatic chain lubrication

Our chain saw has an automatic chain lubrication - for the highest chain lifespan.

  • Highly durable

Our chain saws guarantee a reliable operation in industrial areas with 24/7 operations.

  • ATEX-compliant

Our ATEX-compliant air saw conforms to the highest requirements for tools used in potentially explosion hazardous environments in accordance with norm IM2cXIIGcIIBT4 (130°C) X.

  • With integrated hand-safety

  • Possible motor speed regulation by lever

  • Sound pressure level Lpa podle ČSN EN ISO 11 201 102 dB(A)
  • Max. power output 1500 W / 2.01 hp
  • Max. length of chain bar 350 mm
  • Weight 7,6 kg / 16.75 lbs