Inline Design

Air straight tapper for the vertical tapping / cleaning of threads.

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The Use of the DEPRAG INDUSTRIAL Tools

Air straight tappers - for the tapping of threads, as well as the cleaning of threads in materials such as steel, aluminum and other alloys for applications in the automotive- and machine building industries. The tappers are equipped with a flexible chuck that perfectly guides the tap-insert and cuts a straight thread, even if the tapper is held at a slight angle.

Advantages of our Straight Tappers

  • Highly durable

Our robust tool design assures the longevity of your tool - even when used in a 24/7 operating environment.

  • Simple operation

An ergonomic handling and a simple operation of our tappers is assured for different applications and different tapping operations. The exchange of the tap-insert is easily done by a quick-change-chuck.

  • Reversible

All tappers are equipped with a reversible motor. The turn direction is activated either by trigger or push-pull.

  • Vertical application

For more support during a vertical tapping operation, we recommend the use of a linear stand or balancer.

  • Max. power output 250 W / .34 hp
  • Speed (no load) 650/1120 (right/left) min-1
  • Weight 1,5 kg / 3.31 lbs
  • Drive vane motor
  • Max. power output 700 W / .94 hp
  • Speed (no load) 320/550 (right/left) min-1
  • Weight 2,9 kg / 6.39 lbs
  • Drive vane motor