Impact Tools

Our pneumatic impact tools - for the use in heavy-duty 24/7 industrial operations, the impact tools may also be used in potentially explosion hazardous environments.

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The Use of the DEPRAG INDUSTRIAL Tools

The air impact tools - with pistolgrip or in inline design with fistgrip - are used for the quick and low-fatique tightening and loosening of screws from M10 to M45; these impact tools are specially well-suited for the tightening of screws, nuts and bolts in the assembly and maintenance sector, which may also be located in potentially explosive hazardous environemts. The new types of air impact wrenches are based on our traditional and proven designs. The tool surfaces were changed to conform to the current legislative requirements for the use in an explosion-hazardous environment.

Advantages of our Impact Tools

  • ATEX-compliant

Our ATEX-compliant air impact wrenches conforms to the highest requirements for tools used in potentially explosion hazardous environments in accordance with norm IM2cXII2GDcIICT6(80°C)X / IM2cXII2GDcIIBT5(100°C)X.

  • Enhanced safety features

Our air impact tools under the brand name DEPRAG INDUSTRIAL are designed for the use in potentially explosive environments and for industrial applications with the highest safety requirements.

  • Highly durable

Our impact tools guarantee a reliable operation in industrial areas with 24/7 operations.

  • 3-step torque adjustment

Our DEPRAG INDUSTRIAL impact tools are equipped with a 3-step power limiter. During power regulation the air pressure is limited resulting in lower air consumption + increased economical operation.

3-step torque adjustment: The 3-level power limiter functions as follows: the first setting is the max. torque, the second setting reduces the torque to 50% and the third setting corresponds to 30°of the max. torque.

  • Simple operation

Ergonomic handling and simple operation for different applications and different tightening processes are fulfi lled by the great effectiveness of these tools. The required torque is selected by the size of the impact tool and the number of impacts. The new grip was made to assure a centered handling, which guarantees a fatigue-free operation. The reverse slide is simple to operate and easy to reach.

  • For screws M10 - M16
  • Max. torque capability 260 Nm
  • Weight 2,3 kg / 5.07 lbs
  • Speed (no load) 10000 min-1
  • For screws M14 - M24
  • Max. torque capability 680 Nm
  • Weight 4 kg / 8,80 lbs
  • Speed (no load) 16500 min-1
  • For screws M12 - M22
  • Max. torque capability 850 Nm
  • Weight 3,45 kg / 5,51 lbs
  • Speed (no load) 9900 min-1
  • For screws M10 - M30
  • Max. torque capability 1100 Nm
  • Weight 6,7 kg / 14.74 lbs
  • Speed (no load) 6000 min-1
  • For screws M10 - M30
  • Max. torque capability 1100 Nm
  • Weight 6,6 kg / 14.55 lbs
  • Speed (no load) 6000 min-1
  • For screws M16 - M30
  • Max. torque capability 1400 Nm
  • Weight 8,7 kg / 19.17 lbs
  • Speed (no load) 4100 min-1
  • For screws M20 - M36
  • Max. torque capability 2100 Nm
  • Weight 10,5 kg / 23.15 lbs
  • Speed (no load) 3600 min-1
  • For screws M24 - M45
  • Max. torque capability 2650 Nm
  • Weight 15,2 kg / 33.50 lbs
  • Speed (no load) 6000 min-1