NEW PRODUCT 2021: DGS - Robotic grinding head


Right-rotating drill with MORSE taper - for the optimum drilling and reaming operations - for the construction in the ship building-, aviation and automotive industry, as well as the machine building industry.

When using this drill with the optional available grip-tube, this drill may also be used as a universal drill with equally benefical results. The drill is equipped with a feed-spindle that is also used for the removal of the drill bit. As an optional feature, we can offer the model DA 220 with a ratchet instead of the pilot-wheel. For extreme tight access areas, we offer reduced profile drill designs, without feed-spindle or pilot-wheel. Our drill is additionally equipped with a speed regulator, which helps to reduce the air consumption when idling.

Objednací číslo
Max. power output 2200 W / 2.95 hp
Speed (no load) 300 min-1
Weight 13,9 kg / 3.64 lbs
Drive vane motor
Assortment Additional Assortment
Start twist valve
Rotation right
Nominal speed 220 min-1
Air consumption (no load) 1 m3/min / 35.30 cfm
Air consumption (loaded) 2,2 m3/min / 77.7 cfm
I.D. of air inlet hose 19 mm / .75 in
Morse taper 4
Drilling into steel to 50 mm / 1.97 in
Reaming up to 36 mm / 1.42 in
Air connection thread 1/2" female
Operating pressure 6,3 bar / 90 psi
Standard Equipment
Quick release coupling 804351