DAS adaptive robot flange system

The adaptive flange system DAS enables the assembly of any type of tool. It can be used for any type of robot and any stationary application:

  • Active position compensation
  • Stroke range: 0-45 mm
  • Spindle position measurement
  • Notification when dead centre reached
  • Regulation of pressure intensity in real time
  • Precise piezo electric force regulation
  • Contact pressure: - 200 N to  + 250 N
  • Long-life manchette with Kevlar reinforcement
  • Communication interface: Ethercat-P
  • “One Wire Solution”
  • Universal interface for tool connection
  • Quick change mechanism (robot connection)
Objednací číslo
Design mechanical
Start remote start
Weight 10,5 kg
Downforce at 6 bar, forward movement 295 N
Downforce at 6 bar, backward movement 247 N
Stroke length 40 mm
I.D. of air inlet hose 4 mm / .16 in
Operating pressure 6,3 bar / 90 psi